Monday 13 January 2014

Armed gang invade Egypt's Al-Hammam archaeological site

A gang armed with machine guns has encroached on Al-Hammam archaeological site on the Alexandria-Matrouh Highway. Antiquities police have been summoned to face the perpetrators  and inspect the site to determine whether any items had been stolen.
The site comprises remains of a Graeco-Roman fortress, roads, temples and cemeteries while the excavation area includes remains of a Graeco-Roman bath, a channel for drainage water and huge limestone blocks.[...] This marks the second encroachment on Al-Hammam site [...]  the first saw a large truck invade the premises in March along with a construction bulldozer which, in turn, damaged a cluster of authentic structures dating back to the Graeco-Roman era.

Nevine  Nevine El-Aref , 'Armed gang invade Egypt's Al-Hammam archaeological site', Al-Ahram Monday 13 Jan 2014   

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