Tuesday 14 January 2014

The Depiction of a Beach Detectorist in Comedy Insurance Advert

Commenting on the comedy indignation thread on the Farmers Insurance TV Spot, 'Bear', I thought there were a rather unbalanced selection of views under the video so added my own comment for good measure:
I find the concentration of indignant comments by outraged metal detectorists on a five second clip from this video rather ironic. Not all of these hobbyists are without guilt. Some metal detectorists hunt beaches for lost property (most of which never returns to its owners), others take their instruments onto historic sites such a battlefields, abandoned towns or the environs of historic buildings such as farmsteads to hunt for 'relics'. The artefacts they remove from these historical sites are then pocketed, or sold on eBay, and most often no documentation of what was found where and with what associations is made (or, if made, none survives a few years later). These relic hunters claim they are "finding history", but by disrupting historical sites in their search for collectables for their own personal entertainment and profit, they are in fact erasing it. The pilfering of historical relics for selfish motives by irresponsible metal detectorists is indeed theft, these people are stealing from us all.

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