Thursday 16 January 2014

UK's Hobble-Along "Archaeology" TV

The feelgood PAS text discussed earlier ('Treasure hunters found nearly 1,000 items in 2012 16 January 2014') gives the good news for all Treasure hunters: 
The British Museum said the public's fascination with archaeology was growing, as highlighted by the success of ITV's programme Britain's Secret Treasures. The second series, which aired in the autumn last year, was watched by an average of 2.8 million viewers. 
I suppose a legitimate question is whether the programme was the cause of a fascination with Treasure or exploits it. Whatever, a huge opportunity to spread a message about the preservation and meaning of the archaeological record was irretrievably lost by British archaeology's official, but hugely inept, "outreach scheme", hobbling along from one archaeological disaster to the next.

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