Wednesday 29 January 2014

Good! New Forum for Discussing PAS

Obviously timed in order to integrate with the launch of the PAS Audience Survey, there is a new forum for members of the public to discuss the publicly funded outreach Scheme on everybody's lips. Create an account now and tell them what you think and ask any questions you may have about the Scheme's work and its relationship to the preservation of Britain's archaeological heritage: "Welcome to Scheme discussion" .

UPDATE 29th January 2014
Oh look, they've just now changed the name.  So, the new forum where the public can interact with the Scheme and it can interact with its audience (of finders of all types, members of the public, museums people, policemen, archaeologists and heritage professionals) must be somewhere else then, mustn't it?


Unknown said...

I would of thought this was the kind of platform for discussion on the PAS that you would of welcomed Mr Barford.
I cant quite understand why you feel the need to lambast it at such an early stage.
To be burning your bridges before even a handful of posts have been made would seem to be rather juvenile. Maybe this could even be a tactic of yours to keep yourself distanced from the people you revel in belittling and poking fun at, only to take up the position of the victim at a later date and attempt to portray anybody who has a different view to yours as ignorant and of little intelligence.

Kris Thugwit Jones

Paul Barford said...

I tell you what Mr Jones, why not read my post first, then accuse me of whatever-it-is-you-think-I-say, or you might end up looking a bit silly.

I think it can be seen from what I actually write, I totally approve of having a PAS forum where there could be full interaction between PAS and its audience, and its audience with the Scheme. In fact I think it is vital.

The problem is, the PAS are not so keen, I do not think they like people asking too many serious questions and voicing an opinion different from their own and that of their partners.

Unknown said...

Well for your information I did manage to read your post first. (even though it contained more than eight words, seemingly the maximum a sentence can contain for a thugwit to be capable of reading)
You wrote "Obviously timed in order to integrate with the launch of the PAS Audience Survey"
When you consider your previous post here:
It does seem to raise questions about your true intentions.
And as for people making themselves look silly, well I'll leave it at that.
Look forward to your partaking in the discussions over at the new Pas forum.

Paul Barford said...

I am actually finding it difficult to follow your reasoning here and really suspect that you are not paying much attention.

The PAS is doing a survey aiming to find means of expanding and meeting the needs of its audience. A forum would (potentially) do that. Yes?

But, let me explain it to you in eight simple words:

"There is in reality no new PAS forum". Look.

["Of" is not an auxiliary verb].

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