Saturday 18 January 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Gone to the USA

In the highly informative video ("Six month round up video! Metal detecting UK # 55) by "Addictedtobleeps" discussed in the post above, we are told, almost in passing, that the fields from which his haul comes had already had their surface artefact patterns depleted by previous metal detectorist activity. The fields where this material had come from had been "hammered in the 1980s" by "massive teams" of metal detecting Americans who used to "come over in droves". One wonders whether there is any documentation of which fields were visited, by whom and when, and to what extent responsible metal detectorists from the States were reporting their finds to the authorities (for example museum or local archaeology service) before taking them (presumably) out of the country. And where are those objects and the finder's records about them now? Can the PAS have a copy of the records please?

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