Wednesday 29 January 2014

The "Crosby Garrett" Helmet in London Again

from BM Twitter feed
Billed as "what the Romans wore to play ancient war games", the Crosby Garrett Helmet is now on display in the British Museum. Certainly during the mounting of the object for display in one of Britain's premier museums, the conservation department will have been involved to make sure no damage comes to it while in BM hands. Presumably then, they'll have written some kind of protocol and maybe a report. It would be very interesting to learn what they wrote about the restoration and current state of the object. I doubt though that we will get to hear of it.

In the photo of the object in the BM twitter feed, you can well see the clunked peak, one of the few things not hammered out in the under-the-arches restoration. One feels that one possible reason for that is that if it were straightened, it would be even more obvious that the curved base of the griffin apparently does not match the curve of the peak. And what would the Helmet be without its griffin?

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