Thursday 23 January 2014

Focus on Metal Detecting: Fill in the Form Me Hearties and Help The Hobby

The PAS are, it seems, desperate to get people filling in their Audience Survey. On a metal detecting forum near you, member 'GiXeR Mark' writes about it, encouraging his mates to show the better face of the exploitive hobby ('PAS doing another survey Including Detectorists' Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:30 am) writes:
The portable Antiquities Scheme are doing another survey and this time are including Metal Detectorists so now is the time to voice the benefits detectorists have to offer to such a scheme.  
This is somewhat misrepresenting the relationship, the PAS was set up for one reason only, because a previous government chose not to regulate artefact hunting, so it set up a Scheme to try to mitigate its effects. Without thousands of artefact hunters hoovering the archaeological record for hoikable collectables, we'd all have saved sixteen million quid of the money available for culture and have a public better informed about the issues surrounding looting of archaeological sites and the antiquities trade.  It seems artefact hunters are being promised something in return. 'Liam Nolan' writes ("Re: PAS Survey" Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:07 pm):
I have been in touch with Claire [Costin at the BM -PMB] and this survey will really help our hobby.  
Thereby effectively skewing the results they will get. How not to do a survey really. They've still not plugged it on an archaeological forum. What remains unclear is how a project bid to expand to new audiences will "help the hobby" [of mining the archaeological record for collectables] if not simply to broaden the number of recipients of the messages uncritically legitimating it. What else can Ms Costin have been thinking of when she said that to her "partner"?

Vignette: News and encouragement for the "Partners" from Number 41

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