Monday 27 January 2014

What's Happening in Glasgow?

The Glasgow Trafficking Culture project got off to a flying start, but the website seems to reflect a lack of current activity, except news about the travels of various members of staff. There were ambitious plans to create an online resource (encyclopaedia)  but it does not seem to be going anywhere fast - there are a lot of high-profile Case Studies, but the section on "Law" is still empty. The all important sections on  Theory and Method and Terminology have only very selective and not very useful coverage. The former has only something about FOI requests, using the media, and surface and satellite surveillance of looted sites. The latter deals with "Treasure (England and Wales)", Fakes and Forgeries, "Tombarolo", "Huacero", "Nighthawk" which was quickly rewritten when discussed here - no acknowledgement for input of course , Subsistence Digging (of antiquities), "Illicit Antiquities", but not yet "metal detectorist".

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