Tuesday 21 January 2014

"Ignorance of numismatic methodologies"

An ACCG coiney lobbyist suggests ("The mathematics of mediocrity" [sic]):
"some people display their ignorance of numismatic methodologies by imagining that we can do our work entirely from looking at illustrations of museum-held coins!"
So a bit like the author's own 2002 book (Celtic Improvisations: An Art Historical Analysis of Coriosolite Coins), based entirely on sequencing another bloke's drawings reconstructing 'ideal coins' by amalgamating details from several examples, without (or so it seems from the introduction of the work and especially lack of mention of such in the acknowledgements) examining the material itself at first hand. Once again, we see this "numismatic methodology" being discussed as some arcane abstraction, setting aside one identity-group from another, but with no reference to any sources laying out what it actually consists of when dealing with a heap of loose coins on a table with no idea where they had been found and in what associations.

Vignette: tangled argumentation

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