Thursday 23 January 2014

Egypt: Police arrest antiquities smuggler in Fayoum

Rabab Al-Galy, 'Police arrest antiquities smuggler in Fayoum' Youm7 Jan. 23, 2014
Fayoum police on Thursday arrested a young man in possession of illicit antiquities during an undercover operation. The General Administration for Tourism and Antiquities received a tip off that the 28-year-old male suspect was in Fayoum with antiquities stolen from Malwa Museum. Investigators said the defendant is an expert in Hieroglyphics and antiquities. He was allegedly in possession of ten rare Pharaonic statues and 33 Ancient Greek coins.
and yes, the article is illustrated with a pretty moronic stock photo of a plaster-cast shabti and a camel figure and a pile of chemically patinated fake coins. In what way is the defendant "an expert in Hieroglyphics and antiquities"? Is he an archaeologist or a collector?

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Thutmose said...

I wonder if this smuggler is a guide perhaps. I'll agree with you that they have used a horrible stock photo there. That camel is just horrible. You would think that someone there would have a bit of a clue about what sorts of things would actually be smuggled. But then, I have seen some actual photos of things that police thought might be antiquities and it was just obviously the same junk sold by almost every tourist dealer in Egypt.

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