Saturday 18 January 2014

Laundering Illicit Cultural Property by the No-Questions-Asked Antiquities Market

Meanwhile while unconcerned US dugup antiquities dealers and their lobbyists currently manoeuvre to try and reduce their responsibilities towards their more responsible clients and work together towards a cleaner more transparent antiquities market, an important article describing the mechanisms by which this trade operates has just been published by SAFE. I hope you read it, because while the representatives of the international dealers associations are jackassing around like halfwits, dodging the issues, the damage this market does in its current form is continuing.
Paolo Ferri, 'Laundering phenomena in cultural goods trafficking', SAFE Corner January 12, 2014
I think it unlikely that the jackasses of the antiquity trade can claim with any seriousness or credibility that its author does not know what he's talking about. Paolo Giorgio Ferri began his career as magistrate in 1977, first as judge and later as Public Prosecutor in Rome. He now serves as Special Advisor for the General Director of ICCROM. Since 1995 he has been a Member of the pool of Public Prosecutors devoted to the prosecution of offenses against the integrity of the Italian cultural heritage and responsible for initiating investigations against many dealers in Italy and the rest of Europe (especially in Germany, UK and Switzerland), as well as in the US, Japan and Australia.


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