Friday 17 January 2014

Partnering Treasure Hunters

Alan ("Elite member" on the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum, 16th January 2014, 05:59 AM) gives a link to the BBC article "Treasure hunters found nearly 1,000 items of treasure in 2012" - appending the comment:
most of us hate the term "Treasure Hunters"
Alan's metal detectors, his online signature informs us, are a Goldmaxx XP Power ("very sensitive to targets that are usually very difficult to detect, like thin coins, gold nuggets, jewels ....), Tesoro ("the name that means Treasure ) Laser Hawkeye, and a Garrett Ace 250 ("One Touch Treasure Hunting", "a true treasure hunter companion").

If they hate the term, responsible metal detectorists would actively avoid patronising firms that sell the tools to do it, and I guess metal detector producers would change their marketing strategies. Or perhaps this is another metal detectory gap between what people say and what they really think? I reckon the BM after all those years of liaison got it right, they are partnering "Treasure Hunters" seeking as Mike Heyworth says, to deplete the archaeological record for personal profit.

UPDATE 17th Jan 2014
Artefact hunters of course do not see any point in discussing the issue, Dick Stout tries to make this discussion into: "A Desperate Troll", disingenuously claiming good intent in posting a link to this blog with dismissive comment over on the "Friendly Metal Detecting Forum", but in fact only childishly intent on stirring up trouble. Not all detectorists took the bait, but those who did gave a good display of the sort of copy-and-paste-appended emoticon-loaded "I agree wiv yer Bazz" one-liners which pass for "discussion" in such a milieu as metal detectorists. Pathetic, who'd "partner" that lot?

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