Monday 18 August 2014

10 Reasons You Should Care About Syria’s Endangered History

"10 Reasons You Should Care About This Country’s Endangered History"
There’s a lot of money in artefacts that are thousands of years old. But their cultural significance is invaluable. Syria is full of such treasures. But, its history is being robbed to fuel the conflict there. Sign the petition to ban the trade in antiquities! 

Ideally, every single UK detectorist and US coin collector who wants to show they care "passionately about the history" should  demonstrate that and sign the petition. Ideally every PAS FLO already has signed the petition. Have they?  Comments section open below for metal detectorists, coineys  and PAS staff members to exhort others to follow them.

Have a look at the slide show. Let's not forget about Iraq in all this though.


P2Pinvested said...

Petition signed.

Paul Barford said...

Oh, you understood that one then, that was not a "question a conservationist could not answer" for you then?

P2Pinvested said...

I will be writing a response when I get longer than ten minutes.

Paul Barford said...

It does not take me more than ten minutes to write: "thank you for answering my question, I've altered the post which says you CANNOT".

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