Thursday 28 August 2014

Looting Hecatomnus' Tomb

Dorothy King ('Looting Hecatomnus' Tomb', PhDiva Thursday, August 28, 2014) has a series of photographs which seem to have come somehow from the looting of the tomb found in August 2010 in Mylasa, Caria, Turkey, probably that of Hecatomnus. Police found it when swooping down on looters. Dr King blogged it initially here, and also something about the coins here. The photos with the posed and variously dangled bunch of keys seem to have been taken after an attempt to move the heavy marble coffin in a confined space (nor surprisingly) failed. Do we have here a hint that the looters were looting to see if there was a market for individual elements slice3d as bas-reliefs from the whole? If readers have any information about these photos, please contact Lootbusters.


Dorothy King said...

Thank you for posting! Obviously people should feel free to contact the Ministry of Culture in Turkey or the police there too!

Paul Barford said...


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