Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Unveiling Cartonnage" The Green Scholars

The "Green Scholars Initiative" is hosting an upcoming series of speakers on "History and the Bible: Evidence that Informs Our Understanding of Its Background, Transmission, Survival and Influence". That's in Ned Flanders' home town of Springfield. There's going to be coiney David Hendin ("Insights on the Biblical Narrative from Judean and New Testament Coins") and then almost at the end, December 16, 2014: Dr. Dirk Obbink; Dr.Jerry Pattengale "Unveiling Cartonnage: The Practice and Value of Dissolving Reused Papyri Manuscripts for Biblical Studies". How coy, "unveiling" a synonym for "dissolving" and "reused papyri manuscripts" aka fragmented mummies. So, Dr Obbink is involved in dissolving cartonnage - is THAT where the "Sappho" manuscript came from as Betthany Hughes asserted? (see here too).

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