Wednesday 20 August 2014

Collector Kaloterna, The Jelinek Connection Under Scrutiny?

There is continued interest in the mysterious collecting history of the Ka Nefer Nefer mask which has documentation which a US court is satisfied (seriously!) means it was actually in two places at once. David Gill asks:
What is the authenticated evidence that Zuzi Jelinek acquired this mask from the Kaloterna collection? Did this take place in the early 1960s? Where was Jelinek living when the acquisition was made? Does Jelinek have any (up to now overlooked) record among her papers?
Perhaps these papers will reveal Zuzi Jelinek's (here too) relationship with Mr/Mrs Kaloterna, and whether she bought any other antiquities from this collection in 'the early sixties'. This brings us back to one of the more puzzling mysteries of the pre-SLAM history of the object. Who was it who scraped the name of the dead person from the mask  (PACHI Thursday, 12 April 2012: ' Scabby Hands at St Louis' - see also K.M. Johnson's wiki)? Obviously such vandalism cannot have happened when it was in the hands of a reputable dealer like the Aboutaam family, or SLAM. It surely must have happened earlier in the collecting history of the object. Was it scraped off by the alleged "Belgian dealer" (and why)? Was it the owner of the otherwise unknown Kaloterna/Kaliterna collection (and why)? Was it Zuzi Jelinek, who in the early sixties - when the mask was acquired - returned to favour after a brief period of exile to became dressmaker to the first lady of Communist Yugoslavia (and today is equally known as authoress of a number of sex manuals)? Why would she do this?  Perhaps those papers Professor Gill mentioned will give a clue. I am sure SLAM too will be interested in sharing the results of their own due diligence regarding this evidence. "This is now 100% about integrity".

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