Saturday 16 August 2014

Manhattan DA's Office Returns Ancient Coins to Greece

Posted on You Tube by TheManhattanDA, on 5 Aug 2014

It is interesting to note that according to Cyrus Vance, "three" coins were declared fakes, not the two of earlier reports. All of the cabinet W coins were forfeit, whether there was any provenance details or not. The dealer was charged only over three coins deemed stolen from Sicily, as Vance says, "Weiss pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted possession of, criminal possession of, stolen property in the fourth degree". The case did not go to trial. The origins of each of the remaining eighteen coins was apparently not investigated, and they did not form part of the case. At least one of them seems to have been on the licit market. According to the Nomos/CNG sale catalogue, the coin of  Dikaia which went back to Greece was part of the 1924 sale in Lucerne, Switzerland of the collection of Clarence Bement of Philadelphia and he had it from the collection of Sir Hermann Weber who seemingly acquired it in 1890 from Greek collector Paul Lambros. 

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