Saturday 30 August 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Welcome to Loot, but only in Bonkers Britain

Heritage Action put the looting of French archaeological sites by 'empowered and entitled' British artefact hunters in context:
Last month the nation was informed by Country Life magazine (briefed by the Portable Antiquities Scheme?) that critics of the British system are "scholars of the old school" (in other words, out of touch and wrong) and that Dr Lewis, Deputy Head of PAS, "actually welcomes" the activities of metal detectorists.
British archaeologists are hard-put to explain it to the French, and the Irish, and all the other countries of the civilized world that artefact hoiking is good for the environment. I have not really seen them overly exerting their intellects to try, have you?

Heritage Journal, 'French accuse English of cultural piracy. UK Govt trying to think of a defence', 30th August 2014.

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