Monday 25 August 2014

Metal Detectorists Arrested in Bulgaria

Peter Tompa is always going on about how the Bulgarians should arrest more metal detectorists putting illegally-obtained coins on the market. Here's one case where his wish comes true ('Bulgaria arrests four for illegal archaeological dig of ancient Roman villa', The Sofia Globe August 24, 2014).
Police arrested four people who were carrying out an illegal archaeological excavation of an ancient Roman villa in the village of Vetren in the Stara Zagora area, Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry said on August 24. The operation against the illegal dig, carried out on August 21, resulted in the confiscation of a large number of coins, jewellery and pottery from antiquity, the ministry said. Also seized were four metal detectors, tools, building fragments and other items of cultural value. Subsequent searches of the homes of those arrested turned up 165 further items, including ancient coins, jewellery and household items. Those arrested are in their 30s and include a husband and wife. Three are from Stara Zagora and one from Gurkovo.

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