Monday 25 August 2014

Turkish Police Went After Antiquity Smugglers...

'Urartu Meleği Satılamadan Yakalandı', 20 Ağustos 2014
Newspapers called this a 'Urartian
angel' looks fake to me.

Elazığ Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams have carried out a raid and seized Urartian and Roman period artefacts which they say were being taken abroad from Bingöl Province and are worth up to $ 2 million. They've been planning this operation six months and presented seized metal statues of the Urartian period, "angels, Jesus Christ and the Apostles with statues of Buddha". Four people were arrested and referred to the prosecutor's office. Hopefully they'll be out soon, I think the "antiquities" pictured are fakes. At least US HS/ICE have proper special "antiquity presentation tablecloths" Turkish police have  paper table napkins

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