Friday 15 August 2014

US Archaeologists on 'Responsible Metal Detecting'

This is the 'Student Ethics Pledge' of the Archaeological Partnership Programme for Avocational Detectorists' Chicago, Il, Sept. 13-4, from page 3 of the registration form. It is of interest as being created by US archaeologists for metal detector users in the US and shows how 'responsible detecting' is seen over there. What is absolutely astounding (and contrasts with the usual UK equation of 'responsible detecting' with 'not-a-nighthawk') is the lack of anything about complying with relevant federal and state laws:

I will neither purchase nor sell artifacts. I will not detect on any property without written permission of the land owner. I will record all discovered sites within 30 days with the state site files. I will keep records on the location of all materials I recover. I will not excavate any targets below the topsoil/plowzone. I will not disturb any human remains. I will report sites threatened by development or other actions to the state archaeologist or state historic preservation office. I will share data and knowledge with professional archaeologists. I will partner, when feasible, with professional archaeologists to assist in the preservation and study of archaeological resources. I will strive to be a responsible avocational detectorist. I understand that violation of this pledge may result in my name and contact information being removed from the APP database of responsible avocational detectorists.

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