Sunday 17 August 2014

Detectorist: UK Archaeologists Allegedly Want Irish Archaeologists to have same "Benefits"

In a thread called 'Detecting Device Licence Ireland', Liam Nolan (Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:27 am) writes that the laws in the Irish Republic prevents the fre-for-all heritage-trashing that exists in the rest of the UK. But archaeologists are onto it:
it looks like there is a healthy concern from the UK archaeologists that southern Ireland is not allowing the use of MD. They point out the great value of the PAS (Portable Antiquities Scheme) finds and how these have identified big opportunities for more targeted digs, thus saving wasted resources on barren sites.[...] The laws may change and I am sure they will as UK archaeologists want their Southern Irish colleagues to have a wider access to recovered artefacts via the MD fraternity and then perhaps extending the Portable Antiquities Scheme to cover southern Ireland. There is always a deal of politics at work and in this situation we are being helped enormously by the UK archaeologists who see the value in co-operation with responsible detecting. Liam
Anyone care to point to some archaeological literature setting out the evidence for those 'big opportunities for more targeted digs', and the financing for them (and those sites which were dug though barren because the metal detectorists had not been there first to empty them), and the texts in the professional journals urging the Irish Republic scrap their antiquities protection laws in favour of site-trashers and artefact collectors? Or is this another tekkie story?

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