Tuesday 26 August 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "Don't Bin, Accumulate"

It took two whole days before a (single) member of a metal detecting forum very near you decided he'd share his thoughts about throwing into the scrap bin artefacts found in metal detecting and unwanted for the collector's personal collection and whether that was responsible behaviour. It was "Addicted to bleeps" of national Geographic Channel fame who (Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:23 pm) came up with the goods.
I get a bit worried when people say they are throwing away objects. Especially buttons and  old coins. [...] Are we here to save all things relevant to our local heritage? Please don't bin stuff. Just let it build up, and then at least take it to your local historians/museum/history clubs etc etc, so they can benefit from it.
They'll only benefit from such a "Buildup" if it is all properly documented. No museum in the country will thank you for: "8678 assorted fragments of unconserved non-ferrous artefacts of various types and dates in a plastic bin, found by Mr Baz Thugwit between 1893 and 2015 from various sites around Salford and a few rallies up and down the country- donated". Still, if they have some of the PAS' little green men (HLF volunteers) come it, it'll give them something to do.

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