Friday 22 August 2014

Israel and Turkey Destinations of Stolen Yemeni Cultural Property

I'm not sure how to treat this: "The Heritage and Researches Center in Taiz governorate has revealed that around 2500 ancient manuscripts have been smuggled from Yemen to Israel in the past five decades".
The state-run 26 September website quoted director of the center Suaad Al-Absi as saying that rings specialized in smuggling and trading in ancient anticrafts and heritage in cooperation with brokers from foreign countries have been involved in the largest trafficking operations through Turkey to Israel. "Most of the smuggled manuscripts dated back different antiquities including the pre-Islam age and the Rasulite era," Al-Absi was quoted as adding. Al-Absi condemend the silence of the authorities toward the systematic smuggling of ancient cultural heritage while calling for strict measures to put an end to this phenomenon.
Other observers indicate that "officials including those from the army are involved in trading in and smuggling artefacts from Jawf [governate] to other countries mainly those in Europe". Turkey does seem to be indicated as a major centre for antiquity trafficking these days. Are these items travelling with bulk commercial cargoes through the Suez Canal to eastern Mediterranean ports?

'Yemen: 2500 precious manuscripts smuggled into Israel in past five decades', Yemen Post 21st August, 2014.

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