Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Heritage and Cultural Diversity at Risk in Iraq and Syria

International High Level Conference on the endangered heritage and cultural diversity of Iraq and Syria
UNESCO is organising an International Conference on the protection of cultural heritage and the respect of cultural diversity in Iraq and Syria on 3 December, at its headquarters in Paris. The goal of the Conference is to sensitize decision-makers, humanitarian aid workers as well as those in the world of culture on the critical role of culture within conflicts as well as on the need to better integrate the cultural dimension into security, conflict resolution, humanitarian aid and development policies.[...] The International Conference will bring together high-level politicians, cultural professionals as well as experts from the defence and strategic studies community, with the goal of adopting, building on the existing international normative framework and in particular on various UNESCO declarations and Conventions, a Global Commitment to Action and Solidarity.
UNESCO in Iraq        
Syria Crisis Response

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