Thursday, 8 January 2015

Five years Collection-Driven Exploitation "in Europe"

There is a thought-provoking post by "kristof(be)" from Lille in Belgium (Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:40 pm) about '5 years hunting' ("Hello everybody, this is my result off 5 years hunting. [emoticon] [emoticon] Grts") I'll not post the pictures up here - you can register and look at some other stuff too. Suffice to say that seasoned UK detectorists were impressed ("Some excellent material there. I do like the Celtic", "Was throwing coins away a popular pastime in Belgium?")  Geoman asks:
How do you get on with the archaeological world in Belgium? We can record through the PAS here, but do you have any equivalent safe system?
"Safe" system? Think a moment what assumption hides behind that word and then consider what he's doing posting these pictures on a website of so-called "responsible metal detecting". The reply of "kristof(be)" (Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:39 pm) is even more revealing:
normally is searching for archeological finds illegal. Now (2015) we can get a permission and we can search on archeological grounds. NO EXCAVATIONS!!!! I have a internet site with a lot of roman villa's and other places in Europe. This places i putt on google maps and then i know where too search. Takes a lot of time but the results are there (sometimes)
So, I think one can assume that some of these finds which other artefact hunters find impressive have come from targeting known sites of "Roman villas and other places" in "Europe". But not in the only country neighbouring Belgium where such searching is inexplicably legal without a permit. He asks (Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:20 pm):
I think that you can find more in England then in Belgium. Dont know how it is in England. Can you go on a hunt on archeological grounds?? Roman villa's, oppida's ,castle's,...? Grts
... indicating the sort of site he's interested in searching. Let us see how long it is before a "responsible detectorist" on the discussion list as a result of PAS outreach on best practice (yeah, yeah) queries whether Belgian Kris has been accumulating his large and impressive personal artefact collection through targeting known sites like Roman villas, oppida, castles etc. Will he remonstrate with him? Persuade him to search away from known sites? Will Belgian Kris be cordially invited over by a list member (by 'pm' of course) who has "permissions" on a Roman villa or two and would like a 'detecting buddy' to go with him on a nocturnal visit to an oppidum and castle or two? Or will the thread simply be quietly 'disappeared' as though nothing had happened? ("nothing to see here, now move along, move along, we're all decent responsible detectorists here, go away elitists, none of your business what heritage damage our members do"). 

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