Thursday 29 October 2015

Did Hobby Lobby Sponsor Terrorism?'.

The hounding of Steve Green continues: Tina Nguyen, 'Did Hobby Lobby’s C.E.O. Unknowingly Sponsor Terrorism?' Vanity Fair:
With nefarious groups raising millions of dollars by looting and selling antiquities, the crafting billionaire and ardent evangelical might have inadvertently financed their activities.
From the amount of attention that the simple seizure of a group of objects at an airport is receiving (quite out of proportion to the coverage of any other seizure made in the same period), one gets the impression that Mr Green has annoyed a lot of folk in the US.
A representative from the Museum of the Bible characterized the investigation as a problem spawned from “incomplete paperwork”. But antiquities experts raise another concern: that by purchasing this art in the first place, the Greens may have unknowingly sponsored military groups and terrorist networks like al-Qaeda, which has sold antiquities for more than a decade. “Anyone who purchases an antiquity without being 100 percent sure it is a legitimate piece is risking funding organized criminals, armed insurgents, and even terrorist networks, whether they be al-Qaeda or ISIS,” says Tess Davis, the executive director of the Antiquities Coalition, an organization devoted to combatting the illegal trading of artifacts.
Please note that whatever dullard antiquities trade lobbyists are insisting in an attempt to create one of their habitual straw man arguments, the article does not link Mr Green's purchase explicitly with "funding ISIL" - which did not exist as such in 2011.


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