Saturday 24 October 2015

The Hypocrisy of the metal Detectorists: Does it Matter any More?

On The Heritage Journal this week in the ongoing Saturday series on artefact hunting, we read of "Mr Lincoln’s two opposite views of metal detecting". This refers to the guy (:"Sheddy") who went onto Radio 2 debating metal detecting with archaeologist Professor Mark Horton and said something different to what he says in the forums among his fellow hoikers. Once again we observe the usual tactics of detectorists trying to pull the wool over the public's eyes. and trying to deflect attention from the serious issues surrounding artefct hunting. As Heritage Action note:
Not that their reaction matters any more. The “listening and detente” that were the buzzwords for many years have been found wanting and have been dropped. What matters now is that the powers that be are coming to the profound realisation, drip by drip, that the happy-happy propaganda of success churned out for so many years by PAS is no longer convincing. “Old PAS” finally signed off by revealing they thought that 70% of recordable finds don't come to them, which fits with what we and Paul Barford and now Sheddy have suggested. 

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