Wednesday 21 October 2015

Syria: American Academics Rediscover the Wheel

Public Release: 'Dartmouth led study shows ISIS is not the only culprit in war-related looting in Syria', Dartmouth College 21st Oct 2015. American academics announce their great discovery:
a recent Dartmouth led study published in Near Eastern Archaeology analyzing satellite imagery of nearly 1,300 archaeological sites in Syria reveals that the Kurdish YPG, opposition forces and the Syrian regime have also been major players accounting for this devastation. According to the study, war-related looting is most widespread in areas where centralized authority is the weakest,
I think they could have been saved a lot of 'work' if they'd just read the 'Conflict Antiquities' blog, and my own. Sam and I have been saying this, and showing the evidence, for well over a year now. But then, US Department of State propaganda probably has a stronger hold among the gullibly Disneybred in New Hampshire than it does in more sceptical Europe. Oh, look, Apamea again. One day we'll perhaps break out of the talking-round-in-circles mode and actually get some real discussion going about what to do about the no-questions-asked trade that is the motor for all this commercial looting. For goodness' sake.

Vignette: Dartmouth College leads the way?

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