Friday 16 October 2015

The Antiquities Trade and its Unshaken Belief in the 'Coin Fairies'

Coin fairy aficionados might be interested in sending their observations to the Fairy Investigation Society (Jess Zimmerman, 'The First Global Fairy Census Wants To Hear About Your Close Encounters', Atlas Obscura 16 Oct 2015 (hat tip to Justin Walsh for bringing it to my attention)
The FIS was founded in 1927 by Quentin Craufurd, a naval officer who claimed [...] In his history of the FIS, historian and current group leader Simon Young described some of Craufurd's more experimental dealings with fairies:
[...] The fairies would use words from English and Old English and tell their human interlocutors where to look for archaeological remains, which sometimes they even found.
Perhaps the coin fairies will tell any dealers that are in contact with them where they've put all the looted coins and artefacts that "do not appear on the [no-questions-asked] antiquities market - honestly". Where did they all go? It's a great fairy mystery.

Maybe the answer is here:

In the Realm of Fairies: The 2009 Fairy Congress posted on You Tube by Colin Mulvany

There may well be a number of well-known US coin dealers among these believers. See if you can spot them cavorting. Perhaps those are not "fairy orbs" in the film, but floating ethereal Fairy Coins, evidence of the truth of what the antiquities market claims.... 

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