Wednesday 14 October 2015

UK Treasure Hoikery in Yellow and Blue

"Treasure plus" a PAS map with that dumbass "wagon wheel and amphora" dot and fuzzy blobs marking where Treasures have been found (and extralegally entered on the PAS database as well as being subject to a separate report as the law requires). Apparently you can search it...  cute, eh? How much reward money, publication grants does that represent? How many of these items have been fully written up and published with due attention to the context of their findspot? The PAS database does not say. So, what use is that? 

This bit made me especially angry:
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Michael Lewis highlighting parts of country where Treasure discoveries are acquired at lower rate than others. How to fix?
What does it mean "fix" it? A great many of these Treasure finds are pulled out, like the Lenborough Hoard or the Hollingbourne brooches to mention just two, of the otherwise unthreatened stratigraphy below plough level. The manner in which most of them come out of the ground "leaves a lot to be desired" observation and documentation wise (that is an understatement - most are blindly hoiked).  THAT is what needs "fixing", not get more of them hoiked out to put more dots on Caveman-archaeology dot-distribution maps for closet Kossinnists. A few words from the PAS on the issues conected with artefact hunting and the notion of preserving the archaeological record would not go amiss. Can they do that?  I doubt it myself.

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