Friday 30 October 2015

Hobby Lobby owners said to be cooperating with probe

Customers shop at a Hobby Lobby store
in Denver in 2013. (Ed Andrieski/AP)

What is it they put in the water in Washington? Gary Vikan writing of Green's Cuniegate was put by the Washington Post in the "Religion" section of the newspaper. Now look at this headline from a section labelled "Acts of Faith"  Lindsey Bever, ' Hobby Lobby owners said to be cooperating with probe of importation of religious artifacts from Iraq', October 29.
The owners of [...] Hobby Lobby [...] are cooperating with a federal investigation “related to certain biblical artifacts,” the company says. The release of the company statement on Wednesday follows a report this week by the Daily Beast that investigators are looking into whether the owners improperly imported antiquities from Iraq. [...] Hobby Lobby confirmed the investigation but refused to speak further. [...] Steven Bickley, a spokesman for the museum, declined to comment. The Green family has not spoken out personally about the investigation. 
Actually, while the Feds have their cunies, there's not much else they can do but co-operatively wait, well, apart from providing the documentation they no doubt have proving that it's all been a terrible mistake and the objects can be verified as 100% kosher. Why is the case dragging on? Any documents they have could have been in an envelope by courier the same week as the seizure.

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