Sunday 18 October 2015

Two Ancient Artefacts To Be Returned by Norwegian Collector

Norwegian blue
Neou Vannarin, 'Two Ancient Artifacts To Be Returned by Norwegian Collector' VOA Khmer, 16th October 2015 

Cambodia will recover two lost artifacts from a Norwegian businessman, officials at the Ministry of Culture said Friday. The two artifacts—a 9th-century stone head of the Hindu god Shiva and a 12th-century stone head of a male divinity from the Angkorian period - were stolen from the temple complex of Angkor Wat during Cambodia’s years of civil war. They ended up in the hands of a man named Morten Bosterud, who will hand them over to Cambodian authorities on Tuesday, along with nine other pieces of artwork. 


Brian Curtiss said...

i wonder at the circumstances. It's one thing for the businessman to simply step forward and return them but It would be nice to see the backstory as the article does seem to imply to a more political motivation.

Paul Barford said...

Perhaps this is one of the few antiquity collectors who wants to do the right thing. I believe there might be one or two.

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