Monday 26 October 2015

UK Metal Detecting: "Grow a Pair, Dig Deep"

From a text called "Watching
the detectorists
" which is what they
wish we were not now all doing.
Never mind the best practice, "get some testosterone" suggests a metal detectorist on a forum near you:
"Grow a pair, put the thread back up and  don’t let the ‘don’t dig too deep’ planks win! To those who disagree with digging deep there’s always………. knitting.

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Anonymous said...

IMO all these years of turning a blind eye to the unacceptable stuff have inured the public to it and encouraged detectorists to assume it doesn't matter. But the truth is any hobby, association or organisation with the least ambition to be seen as other than a rabble would first condemn him and second sling him out.

Fishermen, bird watchers, gardeners, no other activity tolerates members whose words and actions bring them into utter disrepute, but this lot do, daily. In some ways you can't blame them for their own self-defeating stupidity but you can blame the authorities for not condemning it clearly so they get the message. And warning Farmers that there are lots of Sheddies and Allectuses.

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