Thursday 29 October 2015

Making the Mummies Talk (without the Soap!)

Roberta Mazza shares her thoughts on "Making the Mummies Talk (without Palmolive soap!)", a project
to investigate how special imaging techniques, such as multispectral technology, can lead to the establishment of non invasive methods for reading papyri encapsulated in mummy masks and other cartonnage objects. [...] we are convinced that the project will be a decisive step forward into finding ways not only to avoid the destruction of ancient artefacts in the future, but also to gather data on their material features.
Sadly, I do not thnk this will solve the issue of the mummy-mask trashers of America. The reason is that these people want trophies, it is holding in their hands - and having in their private collections - these fragments which they find so exciting.

Vignette: Talking head

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