Monday 19 October 2015

"Sheddy" on Dealing wiv the 'Awks

There was a pretty hopeless BBC presentation of the "nighthawk issue" by airhead Jeremy Vine on BBC2, accessible here (from 1hr 46:19 mins). The listening public learns about the metal detectorists who illegally "scour and steal from thousands of archaeological sites" and "pocketing the stuff and flogging it". Prof Mark Horton does his best to uphold class stereotypes with his over-the-top posh accent and the detectorist the BBC chose to bring the 'balance' was... (don't laugh) Richard Lincoln ("Sheddy") with his Estuary English diction. Lincoln accuses archaeologists (in general I assume) of being [1 hr 50:10 mins] "very very closed minded" about artefact hunting and collecting ("very closed minded to us, they don't like us" - dragging it down to the personal issue again). He says there are three things which can be done to stop nighthawking [1hr 50:30 mins]:
1) edukashun ("the stuff that's being ripped aut' the graund by nighthawkers [sic], that's are heritidge,  aur histry, that's are common histry, an' it doesnt jus' belong t' the museums and t'archeeologists, it b'longs to absolutly everyon, its ther 'istry av are cuntry"),
2) "the second fing archeeologists shuld be doing is using metal detectrists to greater effect" - by this he means using them to strip sites before they are looted. We never herd the third suggestion. Note that at usual, the onus is on archaeologists to "do something". It's always someone else. He got cut off before he could present his third idea.
After the Eurythmics, a caller observes that nighthawking is "reaching a crescendo".

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