Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Spades Out, Folks!

Who needs metal detectorists to show where the goodies can be found? A Sheffield archaeologist thinks one cannot possibly locate interesting places for him and his colleagues to dig without patronising artefact collectors. But ARCHI the Historical Search Hound has found 289 archaeological and historical sites within 10 km of his site at Little Carlton, Lincolnshire, British National Grid Reference: TF3985; E-N: 539000 385000; Decimal Latitude/Longitude: 53.343637, 0.086437. Get your spades out lads, another "Marvel of the Marshes", another "ancient trade citadel teeming with treasures" is out there just waiting to be found. The archaeologists will be so pleased if you dig bucketloads of stuff out and just show them! As an alternative to an online site-finding resource you can look at the photos published by the Daily Mail, that rich productive site, just off a lonely country road and by a piece of woodland of characteristic shape will take any collector three minutes or less to find using them.

Vignette: Collecting away the past

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