Monday 9 May 2016

A Message from Silas Grebkesh

Silas Grebkesh ("Reputable Antiquities Dealer, since 2008"), knowing many of them uncomprehendingly read my blog, has asked me to post this for the attention of collectors:
Fellow Collectors, this concerns YOU!
There are a disappointingly low number of public comments in the consultation process on the Greek coin and Bolivia MOUs. There are just over 130 on the one and a dozen on the other. This is a very sad day for collecting if we cannot band together and defend our hobby. The US government is trying to squash antiquity trafficking, which is making it harder for myself and my fellow dealers to replenish our storerooms with the material discrete suppliers from several milieus are silently bringing onto the market. We need to protect our suppliers, and keep the channels open. Please support free trade now and oppose the extension of the CCPIA over freshly-surfaced Greek coins and other antiquities and Bolivian pre-Columbian artefacts. You know it makes sense to keep this trade unregulated, it is in the interests of all acquisitive collectors. It is in the interest of all of us. Send a comment now, and show the world what you care about!
Silas wants collectors to promote measures which enable trafficking, he sees that as the way forward for the market in portable antiquities in the second decade of the 21st century. That is really reputation-enhancing. Yes, let us take a good look at how these people are responding to anti-trafficking measures. Take a GOOD look at what collectors and dealers are doing, and ask yourself what it means that the US government, any government, is "consulting" anything with them. They'll be asking the ivory poachers next.

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