Friday 13 May 2016

Finds Friday, Member of Public Finds:... a Pyramid

Well, after all, anyone can do archaeology, right? So this young guy reckons he found "something that looks like a pyramid" and the newspapers are all over this next example of "public archaeology" (of the "man in the street beats the experts" genre). Five minutes with Google Earth however shows it is nothing of the sort ('That Long-Lost Mayan City a Teen Found Isn’t Lost … or a City' 10th May 2016). In fact if you find this spot 17°57'01.81"N  90°10'5.07" W (courtesy Donna Yates), you find the 'pyramid' is on a steep slope and in the earlier time layers can be clearly seen to have been a field.

Certainly archaeology is not really rocket science, but then neither is it happy-go-lucky guesswork and 'looks-like' speculation, a fact many collectors fail to appreciate.

UPDATE 3rd June 2016
Nat geographic: 

He sounds more and more like a metal detectorist. the truth is a theory stands on the basis of the evidence that supports it. The evidence (which he should have examined before publishing) shows the "pyramid" is a field. Full stop. Quit whining.

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