Thursday 5 May 2016

Brain-Rotting Alert: "No Collector Left Behind" in Washington

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Here's a tip for blonde bloggers of the US art trade. The US "implements" an International Convention created by an organization (UNESCO) to which they currently do not contribute financially. My tip to blondie bloggers is that before they try to dictate how other states party (who do pay their UNESCO subs) conduct affairs in their own country, she actually reads the Convention and tries to work out what it is for, and what it is not for ('Extension of the MOU between the US and Greece'). That way the dealers and collectors she claims to represent may avoid ending up looking utterly brainless and unable to focus attention on an issue.

So, more uncomprehending knee-jerk anti-MOU nonsense from collecting jerks willingly (mis)led by these lobbyists is in the offing. Duh.

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