Sunday 29 May 2016

"Finds Frenzy", Money to be Made

Somerset pig
BBC 'Roman lead pig unearthed on Somerset farm in 'find frenzy'...' 27 May 2016
An ingot of Roman lead weighing six stone (38kg) has been unearthed on a farm in Somerset. Jason Baker discovered the "very rare" find - known as a pig - on an organised rally near Wells at the weekend [...] Mr Baker said therchanged my life," he said. "There's been one sold - a smaller one - for £36,000 and I've heard a few reports of [some fetching] £250,000."
e had been a "frenzy of finds" so when his detector sounded he "knew it was something good". The 31-year-old, from Plymouth, has only been metal detecting for 18 months and had signed up for the weekly event, organised by the Southern Detectorists Club. "Normally I find just a couple of Roman coins and that's normally a good day, so to find something like this has just
Jus' intresteid in th' 'istry you understand. Not th' munny. There is more:
Sean McDonald, from the club, said the last Roman pig found was in the 18th century.
"It is such a rare find it's hard to put a price on it. A minimum would be £60,000 but it could go over that fivefold," he said. "It doesn't come under the Treasure Act [...]  so Jason doesn't have to split it 50:50 with the farmer. "But he is, because he is such a nice bloke."
No, the object belongs to the landowner on whose property Mr "Nice Bloke" was a guest. The landowner has every right to take the artefact and throw the lot of these Entitlement-mistaken clowns off his land (I know I would) with a flea in their thick ears.

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