Sunday 29 May 2016

Plymouth Herald and the Pig

Jason Baker from Eggbuckland (Plymouth Herald)

As if the story about the lead pig could not get worse, the Plymouth Herald decided to do its best to try just that (Herald NTapp, 'Plymouth detectorist causes a "frenzy" with rare Roman find', May 25, 2016). The photos of the self-employed brickie finder who apparently managed to "research" the identity of the emperor mentioned was are one thing, the video (volume right up please) is... something else.
The pig-run, 141 km from Plymouth to Wells
Supporters of artefact hunting often suggest that the hobby is an expression aodf the desire of people to find out about the history of their neighbourhood. Mr Baker was not searching in his neighbourhood, and I bet most of the other "frenzied finders" were not either.

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