Sunday 8 May 2016

Beyond the Pale: More British Interference in Ireland?

Michael Lewis Leaves the British Museum
on his way to tell the Irish what's what
This is pretty disgusting: 'British Museum ignoring Irelands right to self determination' Heritage Journal 7th May 2016.
Dr Michael Lewis of the British Museum’s Learning, Audiences and Volunteers department attended the inaugural European Council for Metal Detecting Conference along with detectorists from seven countries including Ireland. The new (Irish) Chairman said Dr Lewis’s contribution was “outstanding”.
Heritage Action point out that the new organization has as one of its main aims to "promote artefact hunting and collecting", and that in Ireland it is illegal to promote said activities. The British Museum is not a little provincial museum in a small town, but the BRITISH Museum, and it should jolly well know that. What were they thinking? Let the British Museum offer an apology to the Irish people.

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