Sunday 8 May 2016

May 9th Deadline Upon US Collectors

The sky is about to fall? C.P. Observerlikken warns dumbass collectors:
Coin collectors in particular should comment to help protect the current exemption for ancient trade coins struck in Greece. Such coins—which include Athenian Tetradrachms, Corinthian Staters and Tetradrachms and gold coins of Philip and Alexander the Great—are very popular with collectors.
Mr Observerlikken of Bailey and Ehrenberg PLLC fails to mention the evidence (you know, facts) on which he bases his "observation". Nothing new there. Let us see how the sheep collectors reacted.... there are 137 public submissions on the morning of the last day. Most mention the word "coins". Some even assume that the whole MOU is devoted to coins. There is nothing much to see here, we all know that among the people who collect ancient coins there are a huge numbers of loudmouth buffoons with little connection between their brains and typing hands. If the dealers and lobbyists say "write this", they'll unthinkingly write it. Each time the dealers and lobbyists try an action like this they more than amply demonstrate that US artefact collectors cannot be relied upon to be affected by the sort of educational outreach envisaged  (in a pre-dumbdown world) by the 1970s authors of article 10 of the UNESCO Convention. They are intellectually immune to any kind of information that does not tally with what their Dealerlikken "advisors" tell them.
Notable also are cut-and-paste contributions by members of another milieu which continually demonstrates itself to be incapable of independent thought, English artefact hunters - possibly worried about the continued saleability in the US of the items they have to sell - like Peter Tompa's good friend John Howland.

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