Friday, 27 May 2016

Thinking of Buying from Timeline? Read their Terms and Conditions

Timeline Auctions is one of the leading middle-range British dealers in portable antiquities, they offer a whole load of metal detected stuff as well as loads of non-native antiquities, some of which I have had a few words on in this blog. Its CEO Brett Hammond  was on the Treasure Valuation Committee. This makes it all the more awkward that there are comments from readers to an earlier post of mine about authenticity issues which remain unanswered by Mr Hammond's setup.

If you are thinking of buying from this dealer (and I would in general suggest that nobody buys anything from any dealer who does not offer upfront full verifiable documentation of  legal origins and authenticity as part of the sales offer), I'd advise reading the small print of the 'terms and conditions' and thinking about why it is there.

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David Knell said...

It may be of interest to note that Brett Hammond, owner of TimeLine Originals, is Chairman of the Association of International Antiquities Dealers (AIAD). I have mentioned a fellow Committee Member of that association in the past.

I found Mr Kamphuis's comments about dealing with a member of this association interesting though, sadly, not at all surprising. I do wish people would question the integrity of a seller - whether it is antiquities, used cars, CDs or anything else - BEFORE they commit to buy from them.

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