Saturday 21 May 2016

Anorak Pilfering of Archaeological Record in Wells

Excited tweet from Past Pocketers:
"I hear There are some amazing finds coming up today on the Southern Detectorists, Wells weekender. 2 hoards and this".
Dirty anorak man holds the loot

A 'huge' lead ingot with inscription to co-emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus was found today in Wells. No doubt they'll try and tell us it was loose in the topsoil. When with the despoiling stop?


Anonymous said...

The FLO can't get their till tomorrow so you can whistle for the context mate.

According to the Guidance for Rally Organisers "if the FLO is unable to attend, organisers should make alternative arrangements to have adequate archaeological presence on site throughout the rally". It should have added - "unless the organisers are uncaring, acquisitive oiks, in which case the FLO will turn up the next day and pretend they've done nothing wrong ...."

Brian Curtiss said...

What does it matter when the FLO shows up? The picture shows it probably too late anyway. And what alternative archeologist is coming?

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