Sunday 29 May 2016

Collectors' Colonialist and Supremacist Ideology

Cultural Property Obfuscator and Issue Dodger, Peter Tompa attorney at the Washington legal firm Bailey and Ehrenberg said on his little-read blog... " I wasn't aware Greeks were "brown skinned folks" as Barford calls them" and then with a singular lack of logic calls me a "Communist" and "Racist" for questioning IAPN and PNG recommendations. I guess he's not done much travelling and has no real idea of the effects of the Mediterranean sun on most people's skin, and why many people go south to lie on the beaches there. It is not to buy coins.

The Greek National Football Team

Mr Tompa would presumably side with the view that the creators of European civilization cannot have been brown skinned, but very, very white, like this White Supremacist website.

The genetics according to one source

My point is that it is not a little racist of the IAPN and PNG to suggest in their statement to the CPAC that in the case of the artefact hunters of the United Kingdom and the United States, it would be enough to be nice to them, reason with and educate them and ask them not to, but to deal with the people from source countries, they insist that these folk will have to be "watched over" and paid off not to loot. The racism is not mine but that of collectors and dealers of the IAPN and PNG, compounded by their hateful and dismissive supremacist and colonialist attitudes towards the natives.

it is the time for all right thinking people to stand up to the hateful ideologies that lie behind the current activities of the IAPN and PNG. Culture can be used to unite but the IAPN and PNG are persisting in using it to sow division and hatred and attempting to use it as a tool of colonial domination - I bet they support that Trump fellow.

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