Thursday 19 May 2016

The Rabbi and the "Polish Death Camps" Lies

Readers may remember two posts I did here about a New York rabbi who was spreading the pernicious "Polish Death camps" Lie. I invited him to comment on this blog (and one of his students to Poland). He declined to comment here and declined to enter into any sensible discussion of what he'd said, but challenged me to "answer these points". I spent quite a lot of time doing that only to have him refuse to read what I had said. I decided I'd like to put what I'd taken the time to write up on the Internet in case it is useful to anyone else, but felt it would take up too much space on this blog. In the end I decided to put it up as a separate blogette: "The Rabbi and the "Polish Death Camps" Lies" at (I was pretty surprised to find that name was still available). I think it is worth contrasting that with the other "comments" his tripe received, in the comments under the video - mostly in Polish and mostly, umm... what one might say are "highly critical".

As before, and for the same reasons I am not taking any comments under this post, please take them to the other blog - but first please read my conditions for posting comments on my blogs.


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