Sunday 8 May 2016

The English Disease: So-called PAS a "Disastrous Attitude Towards the Heritage"

The English, not only dentally challenged
(Courtesy Heritage Action): here are the uncompromising words of Pat Wallace, former Head of the National Museum of Ireland, speaking on RTE a couple of days ago, criticising the Portable Antiquities Scheme and describing artefact hunting and collecting as:
“an evil for our heritage and a major threat to the civilisation of our ancient past [...] We’ve the best anti-metal detecting legislation in Europe […] Poor old England, our dear old neighbours, their heritage has been destroyed by metal detectors. I’m very familiar with Lincolnshire and I saw deep ploughing going on there in the eighties and then you see these kind of metal detecting tables, portable finds schemes so called, set up at weekends so that archaeologists and others can pick what’s left over. What a disastrous attitude to your own heritage.”
The whole programme is very interesting. The metal detectorist is coming out with the same old arguments.

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