Wednesday 1 February 2012

Another Unprofessional PAS FLO Attack

Norfolk (Norwich)  metal detectorist liamnolan, one of the moderators of in a thread "Re: MD and Archaeology" has this to say (Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:24 pm):
That Paul Barford nonsense is absolute rubbish and in a minute I will be removing the link as it strengthens his site every time someone clicks on it.
Yes, go on, we cannot have metal detectorists looking at a blog which sets metal detecting in a wider context can we? We might get some of them thinking, and we can't have that, can we? (The link was indeed censored). Mr Nolan continues his comments about me:
He is ridiculed by our FLO and is seen by every archaeologist I have met as an embarrassment to how they get on with the detecting community. Don't even think for a minute that he represents the average archaeologist.  
The apparent lack of professionalism of the staff the PAS employ never ceases to amaze. This is by no means the first time comments have been made in a public venue about the criticisms of my ideas by PAS FLOs, but always at second hand. The "our FLO" for Norfolk is Mary Chester-Kadwell, whom I have never met. I have recently had occasion to discuss in print what she has written on the value of information gained from metal detectorists, though in disagreeing with her conclusions, unlike her own reported behaviour, I hope I exhibit a higher degree of professionalism, certainly I restricted my attention to what she wrote and what it means rather than who she "is". Maybe if the staff of the Portable Antiquities Scheme have issues with what I write about artefact hunting and collecting here, they would like to address them openly, say what they think of what I write to my face rather than continually behind my back.

Vignette: Mary Chester-Kadwell of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, according to 'Liam Nolan' prefers ridiculing other people behind their backs with her metal detecting "partners" to open debate about artefact hunting.

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